Македоните, Филип V и римляните

Жеков, Живко (2018) Македоните, Филип V и римляните Чрез миналото към бъдещето. Сборник в чест на проф. днк Маргарита Карамихова. Съст. П. Петков. София: Просвета, 2018, с. 112–123. ISBN 978-954-01-3551-9

 Experience of Philip V to stop Roman aggression in the Balkans and actually save the Hellenistic world is doomed to failure, because the enemy far superior Macedonians in their economic and demographic resources. Failure is also predictable due to the fact, because the Romans won the ideological war. Under the slogan of the liberty of Hellas, they gradually succeeded in attracting the Hellenes on their own, and thus seizing the Macedonians. The same policy they manage to realize with regard to the Thracians and the Illyrians. As a result of this clever policy, Philip V proved to be practically without of allies in the Balkans. The Roman policy towards the Hellenistic countries in the Eastern Mediterranean is built on the traditional principle of divide et impera, which allows them to isolate their opponents from each other and to set everyone against the one they currently nominated as their enemy. First among the Hellenistic bases with this Roman policy. The purpose of this article is to trace this confrontation and to analyze the concrete factors of the failure of the Macedonians and their ruler.
 Philip V, Roman aggression, Balkans, Macedonians, Hellenistic countries

Хуманитарни науки История и археология

Humanities History and Archeology

 Живко Жеков

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