Formation of organizational methodology skills in students from the “Pedagogy of physical education training“ specialty through gymnastics.

Давидов, Димитър (2018) Formation of organizational methodology skills in students from the “Pedagogy of physical education training“ specialty through gymnastics. UDK 37 International jornal , Institute of Knowledge Management KNOWLEDGE. Shientific papers, MEDICAL SCIENCES AND HEALTH Vol. 22.5 Global Impact & Quality Factor 1.322 (2016). Promoted in Vrnjacka Banja, Serbia, 16-18 march 2018.Editor: IKM -Skopje. for editor Robert Dimitrovski PhD (pp. 1217-1220) ISSN 2545-4439 ISSN 1857-923X

 The vocational and pedagogical training of the students from "Pedagogy of Physical Education Training" (POVS) specialty at St. St. Cyril and Methodius University of Veliko Tarnovo is multilateral. It is implemented through the theoretical and practical courses included in the curriculum. The theoretical courses give the students basic knowledge, closely related to the specialty, necessary for their future realization as physical education teachers and coaches. Practical courses are designed primarily to improve sports and technical abilities and to learn new motor skills. Moreover, in the process of the professional training of the students, it is necessary to form organizational and methodological skills as a necessary basis for the management of the complex pedagogical activity at a later stage. In all the sports courses in the curriculum methodological sessions are included, and the students take on the role of future educators in these classes. A major weakness in their performance is the insufficient communicativeness or lack of such in students, the inadequacy of constructiveness in the course of the lesson and also their ability to carry out the necessary social communication [1]. All this has a negative impact on the pedagogical and managerial functions of the students at a later stage of their professional education. It is necessary to cope with a larger number of autonomous tasks in their practice, which would improve the above-mentioned qualities that are so important for the pedagogical activity. In the current paper the author shares his practical experience in the formation of organizational and methodological skills in students - future teachers of physical education and sports, which experience has been taken out from gymnastics classes. The main tasks that the author uses in the gymnastics training process contributing to the formation and improvement of the organizational and methodological skills of the students are the following: - Analyzing student-led gymnastics lessons. - Training of fellow students in a gymnastic exercise technique. - Conducting a preparatory part with students from other specialties in the classes of Physical Education and Sport. - Evaluating the performance of gymnastic exercises by students. - Conducting a short lecture by students on a predetermined and prepared subject.
 students, gymnastics, organizational and methodological skills,

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