Dynamics of the development of students' psychomotorics.

Давидов, Димитър (2018) Dynamics of the development of students' psychomotorics. UDK 37 International jornal , Institute of Knowledge Management KNOWLEDGE. Shientific papers, MEDICAL SCIENCES AND HEALTH Vol. 22.5 Global Impact & Quality Factor 1.322 (2016). Promoted in Vrnjacka Banja, Serbia, 16-18 march 2018.Editor: IKM -Skopje. for editor Robert Dimitrovski PhD (pp. 1201-1206) ISSN 2545-4439 ISSN 1857-923X

 Resume: The term “psychomotorics” has a complex meaning and covers a vast area of knowledge. The term was introduced in the early twentieth century by the French scientist Dupree, who examined the interdependence between psyche and motor activities. Motor activities are mix of all motor functions of a human body, which are under control and regulation of the mind. Each motion that is not a reflex one is psychomotor, when is performed as a result of will, desire and emotions and is single-minded. Psychomotorics is closely related to the fastness of the nerve processes, coordination and fine motor skills of the small muscle groups in the human body i.e. the relation between psyche and motor efforts. Motion possibilities of a human are in a constant progress since its early age. This development process of these abilities is called psychomotor development and is connected with the development of psyche. Psychomotorics as an interdependence between motion and psyche is of great importance to activities that require fast reaction. Therefore it concerns mainly physical activities. The presented research on Psychomotorics is part of a bigger research on the physical and psychic possibilities of students. It was conducted during the academic year in the classes of physical preparation. The Aim of the research is to determine the dynamic of development of psychomotor possibilities of students from Vasil Levski National Military University, who were included in an enforced experimental programme. The Subject of the research is the effect of an experimental programme on the development of psychomotor possibilities of students. The Target of the research is psychomotorics of students.
  students, psychomotorics, physical preparation.

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