Global Conflicts and Dialogue of Civilizations from the Perspective of Southeast Europe

Бузов, Вихрен (2018) Global Conflicts and Dialogue of Civilizations from the Perspective of Southeast Europe Southeast Europe:History, Culture, Politics, and Economy, ds.D. Dimitrov, M. Palangurski, N. Hristova, V. Bouzov), Proceedings of Scientific Conference, Italy: Filodritto, pp.63-70, ISSN 978-88-85813-05-2 []

 Our region of Europe has been on the periphery of global events for centuries. Southeast Europe occupies a cross-border position with other civilizations, and it is a true cocktail of different ethnicities and cultures. In the last years, our region has become a bridgehead to tackle the illegal migration flows, a crossing point for soldiers and weapons to the conflict zones in the Middle East and a territory without prospects for real economic development. There are increasingly sharper plans to turn it into a battlefield for a confrontation between the West and Russia. The regional conflicts can ignite larger wars. The global terrorism and the illegal migration flows are seen as symptoms of a war of Islam and Christianity. The survival of our peoples and our countries is questioned. They have a lesser chance than the rich peoples and their elites. In these circumstances, the thesis will be justified that we should hope for the establishment of a multipolar world that rests on the balance of power and interests, and peaceful cooperation of different peoples and cultures.
 global conflicts, the Balkans, regional and global challenges

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 Вихрен Бузов

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