The 6-th CompMath Competition

Буюклиева, Стефка (2017) The 6-th CompMath Competition Proceedings of the 12th Annual Meeting of the Bulgarian Section of SIAM, December 20 - 22, 2017, Sofia, Bulgaria (BGSIAM'17), pp.55-56

 CompMath is a competition among university and high school students in the field of Computer Mathematics. It serves as an excellent teaching tool for using computer algebra systems for solving mathematical problems. Math education, and more generally the STEM education are of great importance to society. At the same time it is apparent that contemporary math education is in a deep crisis and that it requires a major shift from teaching manual calculation techniques towards computer-based solution techniques. The 6-th National Student Olympiad in Computer Mathematics (CompMath-2017) was held in October 27-29, 2017 at Technical University - Varna, Bulgaria. Students from 10 universities participated in the competition. They competed in two groups - group A for students studying Mathematics, Informatics or Computer Science (52 contestants), and group B for students from Technical Universities (36 contestants).

 Стефка Буюклиева

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