Quality of Life of Elderly People with Disabilities

Йоргова, Милена (2018) Quality of Life of Elderly People with Disabilities Development of the Bulgarian and European economies. Велико Търново: Университетско издателство „Св.св. Кирил и Методий”, 2018, с. 299-303. ISSN 2603-4093 (COBISS.BG-ID 1288419812)

 The paper presents the results from a research on the subjective quality of life of elderly people with disabilities aged over 60. The research was conducted in connection with the study of accessibility and quality of social services for people with disabilities. The focus is on shaping the dimensions of good, meaningful life from the point of view of the elderly people with permanent disabilities in order to provide social services oriented towards the achievement of individual results related to the quality of life. The results show that the people surveyed relate good life to the realization of their ability to lead a calm, stress-free life, to have the love and the recognition of the others, to organize their daily lives, to engage in beneficial activities that are satisfying and positive, to have access to adequate treatment and health services, to receive timely care and support appropriate to their needs, to be financially independent. Social services for them are an alternative in difficult life situations. They link them with improving the characteristics of the inhabited living environment, financial security, social and emotional support.
 quality of life, people with disabilities, old age, social services

Социални, стопански и правни науки Социални дейности

Social sciences, economic sciences and law Social Work

 Милена Йоргова

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