Дунавските легиони в борбата за императорската власт (I – III в.)

Жеков, Живко (2017) Дунавските легиони в борбата за императорската власт (I – III в.) Епохи, 2017, том. XXV, кн. 2, с. 333–343. ISSN 1310-2141

 The role of the Danube legions in the struggle for power in the Roman Empire through the ages is critical. This finding raises the question, what determines their importance in these military conflicts. Responses should be looking at the strategic location of the Danube limes and fighting capacity and the number of legions placed on it. Legions located along the river Danube defend the strategically most important and neuralgic point for the defence of the empire. They are responsible for the defence of the Balkans and the Straits which actually appear connection between western and eastern parts of the state. Located in the centre of imperial defence infrastructure they can, if necessary, to help as quickly as possible to legions protect the Rhine limes or the Euphrates limes.
 Danube legions, Danube limes, Rhine limes, Euphrates limes, Roman Empire

 Живко Жеков

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