Tyronymá (názvy syrov) slovenskej proveniencie.

Гаранчовска, Ленка (2009) Tyronymá (názvy syrov) slovenskej proveniencie. In: Češtinář (Zpravodaj Katedry českého jazyka a literatury Univerzity Hradec Králové). Red. J. Zeman. Hradec Králové: Katedra českého jazyka a literatury Univerzity Hradec Králové v nakladatelství Gaudeamus. Roč. XIX, 2008 – 2009, s. 120 – 127. ISSN 1211-6874.

 In this article we focus on tyronyms´ naming wholly of Slovak provenance. We mention the ways of naming (descriptive, advertising, descriptive-advertising) and various naming themes (traditional production, geographical belonging, shape, color, post utilization etc.), which are in the commercial names of these everyday products included. We focused on their frequency in this article as well.
 tyronym; the way of naming; the naming theme

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Humanities Language, Linguistics, Literature and Theory of Literature

 Ленка Гаранчовска

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