Warennamen (und ihr ambimodaler Charakter).

Гаранчовска, Ленка (2010) Warennamen (und ihr ambimodaler Charakter). In: Mnohotvárnost a specifičnost onomastiky. Sborník příspevků ze 4. české onomastické konference (15. – 17. září 2009 Ostrava). Ed. J. David, M. Čornejová a M. Harvalík. Ostrava – Praha: Filozofická fakulta Ostravské unverzity v Ostravě a Ústav pro jazyk český AV ČR, v. v. i., 2010, s. 150 – 157. ISBN 978-80-7368-779-3.

 Chrematonyms are characterised as proper names of objects manufactured through human activity which are not fixed in the land. One of the specific classes of chrematonyms is constituted by pragmatonyms - serially produced products, the propriality of which is the point of focus. Slovak and foreign linguists have discussed the belonging of pragmatonyms to either the group of common nouns or proper nouns many times, but they still did not reach an agreement. Both Czech and Slovak onomastic societies consider pragmatonyms to have a proprial status. When discussing pragmatonyms, we can also mention their ambimodal character. They are terms, which match the external criteria of propriality, but are descriptive, formed from common nouns. Last but not least, the aim of this article is to point at the non-uniform terminology of the term “chrematonym”.
 proper names; appelatives; chrematonyms; pragmatonyms; ambimodality; information value of pragmatonyms

Хуманитарни науки Филология

Humanities Language, Linguistics, Literature and Theory of Literature

 Ленка Гаранчовска

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