Porecle desemnând numele locuitorilor din ținutul-de-jos din România.

Гаранчовска, Ленка (2013) Porecle desemnând numele locuitorilor din ținutul-de-jos din România. In: Omagiu profesorului Constantin Geambaşu la 65 de ani. Ed.: A. Olteanu. Bucureşti: Editura Universității din Bucureşti, 2013, s. 297 – 303. ISBN 978606160298-8.

 The aim of this paper is to point to unofficial, informal and unstandardized names, i.e. nicknames of particular municipalities with mixed Slovak-Romanian population in the area of Romania. By doing this we are aiming to declare the communication function as well as the national-representative function of Slovak language as a minority language, which is also a living testimony of Slovak Lower Land existence. In this paper, we deal with problems of inhabitants´ nicknames, their characteristics and functions. Such nicknames can be divided into two groups depending on whether they are formed on the basis of an event having been repeated more times or an event having happened only once, without reccurence. We also point to their expressivity, which can be graded.
 inhabitants´ nicknames, motivation, Slovaks abroad, the Lower Land, Romania.

Хуманитарни науки Филология

Humanities Language, Linguistics, Literature and Theory of Literature

 Ленка Гаранчовска

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