Chrématonomastický výskum na Slovensku (a jeho parciálne výsledky).

Гаранчовска, Ленка (2012) Chrématonomastický výskum na Slovensku (a jeho parciálne výsledky). In: Romanoslavica. Ed. C. Geambaşu a M. Mangiulea. Bucureşti: Editura Universității din Bucureşti, roč. XLVIII, č. 1, 2012, s. 47 – 56. ISSN 0557-272X.

 This article deals with pragmatonyms survey (denomination of serially produced products) in the field of dairy industry in Slovak Republic. Complex analysis of extra-linguistic and linguistic aspects of the onymic corpus of 1250 pragmatonyms is the pivotal objective of the thesis. The attention is paid to the creation of motivational and structural patterns. Theoretical-methodological ground is based upon the tradition of Czech and Slovak onomastic school accentuating model theory applied in anthroponymy and toponymy. The work submitted constitutes the first attempt of a model concept of pragmatonyms within both Slovak and foreign specialized fields. Motivation models render distinct or substantive motivation sign of the denominator towards the object denominated, where the structure models reflect their own realisation. The most frequent motivation model is the motivation model C (attribute, characteristic feature of the product), followed by B (labelling the specific product type directly) and motivation model A (direct and indirect geographical adherence of the product towards its originator). Motivation model D which indicates possessive relation is the least frequent. The existence of motivation model X has also been proved through research. It covers the pragmatonyms with equivocal motivation sign. Structure models point to different denomination techniques, such as proprialisation, transonymisation, derivation, composition, abbreviating, formation of multi-word denominations, as well as borrowing pragmatonyms and appellatives from foreign languages. The act of denomination of products is a challenging process, which is neglected due to ignorance. Based on this, we have sorted out three basic factor groups – commercial, linguistic and legislative. These factors participate in the process of product name formation, which would undoubtedly help dairy companies and their respective nomination teams. To characterise tendencies in the field of pragmatonyms, it is essential to investigate groups of denominations of serially produced products in different fields of industry, and these should consequently be elaborated based on contrastive-comparative method. We assume the partial results of our survey to help in part to resolve the existing issue.
 onomastics, chrematonyms, Slovakia

Хуманитарни науки Филология

Humanities Language, Linguistics, Literature and Theory of Literature

 Ленка Гаранчовска

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