Фактори влияещи върху хотелската индустрия /FACTORS INFLUENCING HOTEL INDUSTRY

Манчева, Олга (2017) Фактори влияещи върху хотелската индустрия /FACTORS INFLUENCING HOTEL INDUSTRY XIV-th International Scientific Conference THE POWER OF KNOWLEDGE, Agia Triada, Thessaloniki, Greece, pp. 833-839, ISSN: 2545-4439 (PRINTED)

 The century in which we are living e is characterized with a number of challenges provoked by the dynamic processes of the modern socio-economic environment and by all processes taking place on a global scale. The tourism, in particular – the hotel industry, is an industry subordinate to all these processes that affect different spheres of activity. The Hotel business is a major tourist activity involved in the formation and realization of tourism, which has a decisive place and role in ensuring the stay of the tourists during their holidays, excursions, business trips, daily visits, participation in cultural events, forums and other trips. In many countries, hospitality is an important source of income with great socio-economic importance for their development. The present study examines the external and internal factors of the environment, influencing hospitality. Under hotel activity, the authors take into account all accommodation facilities, regardless of their category, capacity, basic and additional services. The hotel is the most common type of accommodation and the term is used as a summary in the survey. The present study focuses on the presentation of some of the environmental factors influencing hospitality. The data are limited on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria as a surveyed destination. The authors present some of the most important factors of the external and internal environment by analysing the destination under consideration. Generally speaking, the factors of the external environment are: demographic, social, cultural, genetic, environmental, legislative and political. Factors influencing the internal environment are: tourism and human resources, organizational-management structure, infrastructure, material and technical base, technological factors. These factors are important for the tourism industry as they determine the pace of development, the quality of the services offered, the interest in the destination, etc. Their importance is very complex and shows a great relation between them. From the analysis of the factors, it can be concluded that they influence on the development, dynamics and successful operation of the hotel premises, which in turn brings benefits to any particular destination offering tourist services. The attainment of a high-quality hotel service is a very complex process that is difficult to achieve because of the variety of factors and resources, which are relevant to the process of its creation.
 tourism, destination, tourist resources, factors

Социални, стопански и правни науки Туризъм

Social sciences, economic sciences and law Tourism

 Олга Манчева

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