A Comparative Study of Health Education Syllabi for Future Kindergarten Teacher's Training

Ангелова, Светлана (2017) A Comparative Study of Health Education Syllabi for Future Kindergarten Teacher's Training KNOWLEDGE International Journal, 2017, 20 (4), pp.1639-1645. Print ISSN 2545 - 4439

 The good health of children in the kindergarten depends to a large extent on professionally competent teachers. This study focuses on the health education training of students – future kindergarten teachers in the Republic of Bulgaria and the Republic of Serbia. It presents a comparative analysis of the syllabi for the disciplines “Health Education and Hygiene”, “Pedagogy of Physical Culture in the Kindergarten”, “Methodology of Physical and Health Education” and „Body Development and Health Education with Hygiene” at two higher education institutions: St. Cyril and St. Methodius University of Veliko Turnovo – Vratsa Branch, Republic of Bulgaria and Aleksinac Pedagogical College, Republic of Serbia. The current requirements of the Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG) have been applied, according to which the syllabi are "tools" for internal expertise as well as internal quality assurance at higher education institutions. In accordance to these requirements, a key indicator for this comparative study are the purposes, corresponding to the particular institutional strategy – clearly focused on the learning outcomes of students. Among the indicators in the study is the syllabus content, as a representation of purposes specification, as well as the methods that contribute to the health education training. The results of the study show a significant overlap of the comparison indicators, measured according to the quality criteria of higher education. The differences are related to the concept of health education of children in the kindergarten, analyzed in the context of the leading ideas and regularities, referring to health. In the “Health Education and Hygiene” discipline, child's health is presented in the aspects of mental and physical health – they are interrelated and define health in its integrity. The child's health in the discipline “Body Development and Health Education with Hygiene” is analyzed in the context of its anatomical, physiological and hygienic aspects. The discipline “Pedagogy of Physical Culture in the Kindergarten” focuses on physical education and sport – they play a key role in child's health. The health of child in the discipline “Methodology of Physical and Health Education” is based on the physical and health education and the physical culture forming too. Future studies can be aimed at refining the correlation between general theoretical, special scientific and applied disciplines for the qualification of students in aspects of children’s health, as well as in the processes of children’s interaction with the environment – exo- and endogenous by its nature.
 child's health, syllabi, quality, standards, training

 Светлана Ангелова

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