Правителственият преход от Февруари към Октомври.

Астарджиева, Татяна (2018) Правителственият преход от Февруари към Октомври. Сб. Международна научна конференция "100 години Октомврийска революция - реалности и историческа памет", В. Търново,10-11 ноември 2017, Ред. Т. Астарджиева. В. Търново: УИ „Св. Св. Кирил и Методий”, 2018, c. 101-120 ISBN 978-619-208-164-5

 In the brief management of the Interim Government, with its four factions, quite a lot ofquestions emerge on the surface to be resolved and there are significantly less solutions to them. Democracy-related processes are of half-nature, running slowly and lacking in clarity. Therefore, the changes made by the government are largely a prerequisite for highly contradictory assessments. To a large extent, they are determined by the diarchy, by the absence of power apparatus, by excessive devotion to old norms and obligations. The powerlessness in the policy of the Government is a natural transition of the revolutionary events from February to October.
 interim government, coalition government, Council of workers and soldiers members of parliament, Bolsheviks , democratic reforms, army, A.F. Kerensky, L.G. Kornilov, V. I. Lenin

 Татяна Астарджиева

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