Русия и българският неутралитет (1914- 1915 г.).

Астарджиева, Татяна (2018) Русия и българският неутралитет (1914- 1915 г.). Сб. "България, българите и Европа – мит, история, съвремие", В. Търново, 31 октомври 2017 г. Ред. Н. Кънев. В. Търново: УИ „Св. Св. Кирил и Методий”, 2018, т. ХII, с.165-179 ISSN: 978-619-208-165-2

 The publication addresses some aspects of Russia's diplomatic role on Bulgaria's decision to declare its neutrality in the first year of the world clash and at the end of 1915 to join the Central Powers Unit. The bibliographical reference used shows that during the period 1914-1915 under cosideration, the Russian diplomacy pursued a contradictory policy towards Sofia. There is no purpose and consistency of actions, and this is an important obstacle to both the involvement of Bulgaria in a new Balkan Union and as an ally of the Covenant.
 Russia, Bulgaria, Covenant, Central Powers, diplomacy, territories

 Татяна Астарджиева

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