Child Drawing аnd Works оf Art Naive

Гюлчев, Николай (2017) Child Drawing аnd Works оf Art Naive Сборник: London Review of Education and Science

 Abstract: Visual art encompasses various levels of artistic expression formed by regulated professional art, by pictorial folklore and by the artistic efforts of naturally self-trained artists. A third field, designated as “Naive Art“ holds a specific distinction as it has a certain autonomy in the domain of the artistic and visual complex and in itself it represents the individual, personally-distinctive and artistic approach. Apart from its main denomination – “Art Naïve”, the works of self-trained artists may also be designated as amateur, primitive or childish art. The fascination with this type of art is related to the charm of the primitive, to the artistic efforts of amateur painters. Although it possesses a level of independence regarding the cognitive stimuli and its procedural differences, child drawing is often attached to the works of natural artists due to its similar and nominal qualities, as they form a type of a common group. As a natural phenomenon, child drawing is mainly a specific form of absorption of the social experience with traits and demonstration of elements typical for the artistic creation.
 Keywords: primitivism, naïve art, pictorial folklore, avant-garde, abstract art, children’s art.

 Николай Гюлчев

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