Effective Management of Forced Migration - Societal Security Aspects

Бузов, Вихрен (2017) Effective Management of Forced Migration - Societal Security Aspects "Pravni i bezbednosni aspekti migracija i posledice migrantske krize", Tematski zbornik radova, Konstantin Magnus, Naisus, Nis, Serbia, (red. Ivan Kostadinovic), s. 9-17, ISBN 978-86-6113-046-5

 The illegal migration crisis exposes real shortcomings of the EU migration system and of integration capacity. In this paper we will try to find answers of two questions of crucial importance for our countries in the South-Eastern Europe. How could be possible to manage illegal migration from the poor countries effectively – to break the road of migrants by force, to allocate them though quotas or to create conditions for their return home? The second issue concerns the perspectives for overcoming of some negative demographic trends in the South-Eastern countries by managing the return of their own migrants from the West. The data are very disturbing: during the past 25 years, nearly 20 million people (5,5 % of the whole population of Central and Eastern Europe) are estimated to have left the region! It is a real demographic catastrophe! The two aspects of management of migration are very important in the context of the societal security – the ability of society to withstand threats and to survive in a complex security environment. We need to define priority for our countries! Is it possible to integrate illiterate and aggressive illegal migrants, searching for good life in the rich countries or to develop new effective return policies to attract our active and young people back to our countries?
 illegal migration, migration crisis, return policies, management of migration flows

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 Вихрен Бузов

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