Mentoring at-risk youth - effects on aggression

Златкова-Дончева, Катерина (2017) Mentoring at-risk youth - effects on aggression – London Review of Education and Science, Imperial College Press, 2017, 2 (22), p.424-433, ISSN: 1474-846X

 Current study examines mentoring program on at-risk children. Children deprived of parental care living across Bulgarian residential homes (aged 12-17) participated in a mentoring program for 12 months (n=35). Another children from same age risk group remained non intervention (n=15). Both groups completed Buss-Durkee Aggression Questionnaire and repeated measures ANOVA assessed changes from pre intervention to post intervention and indicated significant reduce of physical aggression and hostility.
 children at risk, mentoring, children deprived of parental care, child protection, children grown outside family, aggression, attachment.

Социални, стопански и правни науки Педагогика

Social sciences, economic sciences and law Education

 Катерина Златкова-Дончева

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