„Basic aspects of typography in designing a web page”

Друмева, Красимира (2013) „Basic aspects of typography in designing a web page” Участие в международна научна конференция „ART, DESIGN AND ART EDUCATION: METHODS AND EXPERIENCES OF CREATIVITY DEVELOPMENT“ in Kaunas University of Applied Sciences Justinas Vienožinskis faculty of art, 22 November 2013, Kaunas

 Corporate design is the visual expression of a company’s identity to its consumers. With the use of graphic design it creates the basic elements which entail a company’s presentation: logo, business card, envelope, form, poster, brochure, catalogue, calendar, website, billboard, ambient advertisement, vehicle branding, etc. Corporate identity is not just a condition, but an active element in web design. Designers have little time at their disposal in the dynamic Internet environment to attract the attention of the consumers, which is why the established brand plays a vital role indeed. The present report studies the nature and integration of corporate identity into the virtual space of the web.
 Graphic design, Web design, Internet, Corporate Identity, logo, font, total design.

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 Красимира Друмева

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