„Design with a Smile“

Друмева, Красимира (2016) „Design with a Smile“ „Taking a Line for a Walk. Assignments in design education“. Spector Books, Leipzig, 2016, pp. 77. ISBN: 978-3-95905-081-4

 Advertising is based on one principle – that of attraction. Whatever the product, the advertisement should attract the customer. The effectiveness of an advertisement depends to a great extent on its visual impact. The human's visual perception can register and analyze more information than he / she can consciously perceive. As the deciphering of visual information happens on a subconscious level, the associations and emotions embedded in an image have potential for a direct emotional impact on the viewer. The visual communicator can provoke subconscious associations by using visual metaphors. For instance he / she can combine two familiar objects to create meaning by way of association between the two. Today, an overuse of emotional messages have brought about a situation where the consumer might not even consider the relation to the particular product. The object of the advertisement is more often related to the most improbable symbols, to evoke curiosity and thought in the consumers. Good design begins with good ideas, generated in response to given design brief.

Хуманитарни науки Изобразително изкуство

Humanities Fine Arts and Visual Arts

 Красимира Друмева

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