Кризата в Македония през първата половина на IV в. пр. Хр.

Жеков, Живко (2017) Кризата в Македония през първата половина на IV в. пр. Хр. Сб. от Научната конференция „България, Българите и Европа – мит, история, съвремие“. Съст. Николай Кънев. Велико Търново: УИ „Св. св. Кирил и Методий“, 2017, т. X, с. 9–26. ISBN 978-619-208-104-1

 Crisis processes in Macedonia during the period are a function of many factors, but among them can be mentioned a few that have the greatest impact on the development of labor. One key is linked to the struggles for the throne among the various tribal lines dynasty Argeadae/ Temenidae. These conflicts are to some extent provoked by the inability of struggling for power representatives of this dynasty to establish stable control over Lower Macedonia. That their weakness is exacerbated by the intervention of foreign factors. Among them in the first place should be given by dinasties of Upper Macedonia, Illyrians, Thebans, Chalcis, Spartans, Athenians, Odryssae. Internal factors are mainly dominated by conflicts between officials dynasty in Lower Macedonia, which fiercely challenged his right to rule. In these fights take active participation palace aristocracy, representatives of which in most cases are the main participants in the conspiracy led to the murders of government rulers, which in turn only lead to a deepening of the crisis phenomena.
 Ancient Macedonia, dynasties, Argeadae/Temenidae, struggle for power, Upper Macedonia

 Живко Жеков

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