Тасевска, Даниела (2017) GLOBAL EDUCATION AND IDENTITY DINAMICS AT SCHOOL AGE Anglo American publications, USA LLC 1 st ANGLO-AMERICAN CONFERENCE on Multidisciplinary Studies (AACMS 2017)

 This paper presents ideas which rethink the social meanings of diversity, which, nowadays, causes pedagogical interaction in the school institution. The need to support global education is revealed trough a detailed analysis related to findings about the social role “pupil” and the role’s inherent basic characteristics of self-identity. Global dimensions of contemporary societies are becoming dominant ones, a process which requires a change in traditional pedagogical practice. The term “global education” raises discussion about the formation of knowledge, skills and attitudes based on cultural pluralism, interdependence and international economic competition. School age is the time when the individual accumulates knowledge about the world. Implementing global education means that pupils understand the meaning and the complexity of the globalisation processes and form their own identity for intercultural interaction and existence in an interdependent world. In its dynamic structure, identity is a phenomenon associated with the peculiarities of values, lifestyle, and regulation of the relationships, based on history, ethnology and cultural development. Carrying out a targeted policy for global education is consistent with the idea of acquiring competences for interconnection, consolidation and partnership in intercultural environment. Promoting the philosophy of awareness of the concept of "Global Education and Identity" is a psychological and pedagogical model for cultural relativism.
 School age, global education, identity, cultural relativism

Социални, стопански и правни науки Психология

Social sciences, economic sciences and law Psychology

 Даниела Тасевска

1. Цитирано в: Dimitrova Zl., Ianeva G., Kalafacheva R., (2018) Active scheme games with parachute (Сюжетни подвижни игри с парашут) International Journal Scientific, papers Vol. 26.3 September, Global Impact & Quality Factor (GIF) 1.322 (2016) ( pp. 971-979, p. 972 ISSN 1857- 923X

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