Фолклорните образци на „Луд гидия” (Мотиви и проблеми)

Моллов, Тодор (2017) Фолклорните образци на „Луд гидия” (Мотиви и проблеми) Международна научна конференция „Езици, култури, комуникации”, Велико Търново, Великотърновски университет „Св. св. Кирил и Методий”, 8.06. – 9.06.2017 г.

 Todor Mollov, "Folklore samples of "Crazy Gigya" (Motives and problems)" (Summary) The article deals with variants of Bulgarian folk songs for a young playwright, who was called by a judge, because he is liked by all the women from the village (villages). The lawsuit presents two legal systems - the norm of oral culture (folk customs) and the written fixed law. The prosecution's arguments, the boy's innocence arguments, which is justified by the judge after the reconstruction of the crime, are followed. The historical roots of the song represent fragments of the mythological complex associated with the rituals of initiation of the Shaman-like priest (Poet and Piper).
 bulgarian, folklore, songs, "Crazy Gigya", "Луд гидия", mythological, initiation, Poet, Piper, Shamanism

 Тодор Моллов

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