Forced Migration – The Challenges for the Balkans

Бузов, Вихрен (2015) Forced Migration – The Challenges for the Balkans PRO EST, Revistă de analiză a politicii internaţionale editată de Asociaţia de Studii Internaţionale „PRO EST”, (

 The forced migration is a result of the war against global terrorism after 11/9 and is associated with the continued social and economic crisis of the Western world. The latest crisis with the terrorist attack against the yellow French magazine Charlie Hebdo, which has published provocative caricatures against Islam, is another confirmation of the present existing deepening process of internal war and the fundamental division of the West. It is a consequence of the brutal capitalist expansion and the social imbalances, which reached a new peak after the Cold War era. The present-day capitalism could not provide normal living conditions to humankind at least at the level of elites and the people of the rich countries.
 forced migration, threats to the Balkans, the EU migration policy

Социални, стопански и правни науки Политически науки

Social sciences, economic sciences and law Political Sciences

 Вихрен Бузов

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