Психичният феномен когнитивен дисонанс

Бургов, Пресиян (2017) Психичният феномен когнитивен дисонанс Университетско издателство "Св. св. Кирил и Методий" Велико Търново с. 168, 2017. ISBN 978-619-208-106-5

  The aim of the present treatise is to comment on the most important aspects of the cognitive dissonance theory. The latter offers a possible explanation of the ways in which information is selected, of the structure of the cognitive system and the pursuit of harmony and preservation of the Ego. The excitation of the cognitive dissonance between the elements of the cognitive system of the Ego may be the result of different causes but its presence gives rise to tension and psychic discomfort that motivates the Ego to reduce or eliminate it. The cognitive dissonance may be reduced through a change in the behavioral cognitive elements, in the cognitive elements of the environment or in the addition of new elements intensifying one decision instead another. The original ideas of the theory help generate a lot of conceptual and experimental research that enables researchers to broaden its application in the disclosure of the enigmas of human existence. The research is focused on the role of self-esteem, Self-conception and personal standards in the dissonance processes. Self-esteem is taken as a relatively stable structural construction, a basic component of Self-conception, one of the manifestations of self-conscience and assessment and as a basic component of personality core. Self-esteem is taken as the main factor and moderator in personality behavior, a determinant in the specificity of the cognitive dissonance processes, the resulting psychological discomfort and an organizer of perceptual experience. The results of the experimental research confirm the presence of statistical significance, related to the existence of determinacy in the relation self-esteem level – degree of cognitive dissonance – psychological discomfort.
 cognitive dissonance theory, cognitive system, psychic discomfort, decision making, problem solving, Self-esteem level, Self-conception, personal standards,

Социални, стопански и правни науки Психология

Social sciences, economic sciences and law Psychology

 Пресиян Бургов

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