Teaching civic education through social media

Калейнска, Маргарита (2016) Teaching civic education through social media Forum on Studies of Society: Conference Proceedings / Cristina Ilie Goga, Andreea Mihaela Niţă, Alexandra Porumbescu – Bucureşti: Pro Universitaria, 2016, (с. 247-254), ISBN 978-606-26-0710-4

 In the past decade the way students interact with the world has changed greatly and social media became the most important channel of communication and information. In this sense the education system is obliged to follow the tendency and use the social networks as a tool to enhance learning, engage students, and extend the learning environment using the platforms. In this objective, the paper presents the opportunities for integration of the social media as an educational tool for raising the efficiency of the instruction of citizenship theory and civil skills. It resumes several aspects of the potential of using social networking for educational purposes in the instruction in the cultural and educational field “Social sciences and civic education”. The report presents on one hand the possible usage of the divers tools offered by social media as a channel of teaching civil values and stimulating civil engagement of the young people by structuring their use of study time, pointing to new resources to help them learn and retain knowledge. On the other the report covers the opportunities for integrating social media into the classroom by offering an innovating approach to the presented knowledge and skills in order to help students learn more effectively.

 Маргарита Калейнска

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