Религиозно образование и информационни технологии – предизвикателства и проблеми.

Легкоступ, Магдалена (2016) Религиозно образование и информационни технологии – предизвикателства и проблеми. Годишно научно-методическо списание „Образование и технологии“, бр. 7, година VI, 2016, с. 167–172, ISSN 1314–1791

 With advances in information technology, the velocity of information production on the global level has expanded as well. This acceleration has led to the delegitimizing of knowledge, the equating of information with knowledge, and the giving of predominance to information rather than knowledge. This advance has created challenges for the process of religious education. At the same time, the growth of the internet has created a „rhizomatic space“ possessing new methodological characteristics that create problems for religious education Information technology generates a „hypertextual learning space,“ which weakens the place of traditional texts in the learning process, particularly in a traditional religious education process. This hypertextual development is especially problematic for religious education in conservative traditions. This article analyzes the epistemological, methodological, and contextual problems and challenges posed by information technology for traditional religious education processes.
 information technology, rhizomatic space, hypertextual learning space, religious education

 Магдалена Легкоступ

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