Емоционалната интелигентност в контекста на професията "Учител"

Ангелова, Светлана (2014) Емоционалната интелигентност в контекста на професията "Учител" Academic Journal Psychological research, 2014, 17 (2), pp. 187-194. Print ISSN 1311-4700

 Abstract. Nowadays, in a time of poor spirits, of moral, aesthetic and ideological deficits, the teacher's emotional intelligence is something of special importance. The expectations to the teacher are objective – to be a "promoter" of the aspirations for personal growth and self-altruistic vector of the student, which is a general context specifically objectified idea of public welfare and prosperity. Hence, the logical question: if the teacher is inherent so widely discussed, particularly scientific preparation, is it enough for the realization of socially significant functions which he is called to perform? Is the overall professional profile of the teacher of the new social paradigms adequate? The subject of discussion in the article is the relation emotional intelligence – professional competence in the context of teaching profession
 emotional intelligence, professional competencies, teacher profession

 Светлана Ангелова

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