Nicopolis ad Istrum (Lower Moesia) Bilingual Burial Inscriptions.

Лунгарова, Пепа (1999) Nicopolis ad Istrum (Lower Moesia) Bilingual Burial Inscriptions. In: Atti di XI Congresso Internazionale di Epigrafia Greca e Latina, Roma, 1999, 769-776.

 In the territory of Nicopolis ad Istrum, in the province of Lower Moesia two bilingual inscriptions were found (in Greek/Latin); the one of them, found in Butovo, was published as ILBg. 428 and as IGBg. 600. The other one was published for the first time in Izvestia, the periodical of the History Museum in Veliko Tarnovo, vol. VIII, 1993 by Pavlina Vladkova and Pepa Lungarova. It was found during regular excavations near the railways in Gorna Oryahovitsa in 1979. This inscription explains the more advanced stage of Romanization in the process of integrating the Greek and Roman cultures in this region.
 Romanization, epigraphic data, abbreviation, modifier, gravestone, ornamentation, scene of "burial feast", votive ara

 Пепа Лунгарова

1. Sven Conrad. Die Grabstelen aus Moesia Inferior.

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