"Принудителната миграция и бъдещето на човечеството"

Бузов, Вихрен (2015) "Принудителната миграция и бъдещето на човечеството" Сб. "Нови предизвикателства пред сигурността на Балканите", Том 2, Издателство "Ивис", с.179-188

 The now dominant tendency of economization and securitization of forced migration to our region and to the EU as a whole is the subject of a critical analysis in the paper. One could say that this chaotic process of displacement of huge masses of people looks like a rematch of the people from the peripheral countries for the inverted structure of our imbalanced and confused world. Forced migrants are innocent victims of conflicts in an unjust social and political order, with military aggressions, civil wars, tyrannical regimes and ethnic tension generated by the rich countries and their elites. The adequate solution of problems of forced migration and the overcoming of violence causing it could be a shared responsibility of humankind as a whole. Political and economic elites cannot resolve such problems – they can only exacerbate them. All attempts to administrate inclusion and exclusion in our political society on the basis of unification of Western values will be an expression of complexes of unclear identity and could be presented as an expression of imperialist policy. Such policy leads to conflicts and to failure of the Western version of multiculturalism. The Balkans has an assigned role of a “cordon sanitaire” in the imperialist scenario of forced migration.
 forced migration, threats to the Balkans, the EU migration policy

 Вихрен Бузов

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