„100 години от рождението на професор Асен Диамандиев”

Булева-Петрова, Марияна (2016) „100 години от рождението на професор Асен Диамандиев” - Българско музикознание, 2016, 4, с. 101-103. Print ISSN 0204-823X

 The book Prof. Assen Diamandiev’s Centenary was authored by a team of the Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts, Plovdiv. It contains a total of 13 papers delivered at a colloquium held in end- 2015. The book is intended to keep and shed light on the work of a significant figure of this country’s national music culture. The authors have outlined ingeniously and comprehensively various dimensions to the artistic activities of Prof. Assen Diamandiev’s striking personality. His central contribution is considered as the establisher of a mixed folk choir; head ofthe Plovdiv Ensemble of Folk Songs and Dances; founder of a training school for folk songs; a remarkable teacher of music with significant contribution to modern solmization methods in music education; a public figure. The focal point of some of the papers are challenging issues associated with various genres of Prof. Assen Diamandiev’s legacy such as children’s choral songs or piano music. Contributive are the supplements: timelines of his oeuvre and life, archival materials, photos, that would actively facilitate any further research on Assen Diamandiev’s life and work.
 Асен Карастоянов, АМТИИ, музикален фолклор, музикално образование, българска народна песен, солфеж

Хуманитарни науки Музикално и танцово изкуство

Humanities Music and Dance Arts

 Марияна Булева-Петрова

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