Забравянето в дългосрочната памет.

Бургов, Пресиян (2015) Забравянето в дългосрочната памет. Юбилейна международна конференция „20 години специалност „Психология” - пътуване към себе си”. Велико Търново,Университетско издателство „Св. св. Кирил и Методий”, с. 27-34, 2015. ISBN 978-619-208-022-8.

  Human memory develops as a result of continuous evolution and allows us to adequately deal with the requirements of reality, to gain new knowledge and experience and to use them when necessary. It is the central component of all mental processes. This paper aims to present as far as possible and to systematize the reasons for forgetting in long-term memory. We should mention that it is extremely complicated and complex process resulting from the impact of psychical, functional and organic factors. In this connection, we will spend a little more attention at the forgetting in long-term memory due to repression.
 forgetting, long-term memory, repression, decay, interference, amnesia, forgetting dependent on the supports.

 Пресиян Бургов

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