Въведение в схема-фокусираната терапия.

Бургов, Пресиян (2015) Въведение в схема-фокусираната терапия. Велико Търново,Университетско издателство „Св. св. Кирил и Методий”, Диоген, с. 27-39, 2015. ISBN 978-619-208-063-1.

  The paper is aimed to present the most important aspects of the schema – focused therapy and main concepts of the therapy as an integrative approach for treatment of personality disorders. A basic premise of Jeffrey Young’s approach is that individuals with more complex problems have one or more early maladaptive schemas, which makes them vulnerable to emotional disorders.
 schema – focused therapy, maladaptive schema, early childhood experiences, dysfunctional thinking patterns, basic needs.

 Пресиян Бургов

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