Когнитивни аспекти на процесите на решаване на проблеми.

Бургов, Пресиян (2013) Когнитивни аспекти на процесите на решаване на проблеми. Велико Търново,Университетско издателство „Св. св. Кирил и Методий”, Диоген, с. 48-58, 2013. ISBN 978-954-524-923-5.

  People, in their everyday activities, are faced with multiple choices, decision making and problem solving when aiming at more effective adaptation, goal setting and goal attainment as well as efficient psychic energy expenditure and social integration. The present study aims at the elucidation of the cognitive processes that participate in decision making. It comments on fundamental conceptions in relation to the phenomenon, the stages in the process of decision making, the structure of the problems and the most common decision making mistakes.
 cognitive processes, decision making, generating decisions, heuristics, aims, insight, functional fixation.

 Пресиян Бургов

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