Binary Search Trees and Modern C++

Дончев, Ивайло (2015) Binary Search Trees and Modern C++ Proceedings of the 12th International Conference for Informatics and Information Technology CIIT-2015, Bitola, Macedonia, April 24-26, 2015, pp. 5-8 ISBN: 978-608-4699-05-7

 Study of binary trees has prominent place in the training course of DSA (Data Structures and Algorithms). Their implementation in C++ however is traditionally difficult for students. To a large extent these difficulties are due not so much to the complexity of algorithms as to the complexity of the language in terms of memory management by raw pointers. The programmer must consider too many details to ensure a reliable, efficient and secure implementation. Evolution of C++ regarded to automated resource management, as well as our experience in implementation of linear lists by means of C++ 11/14 made us try to implement of binary search trees (BST) via smart pointers as well. In the present paper we share our experience in this direction. Some conclusions about the pedagogical aspects and effectiveness of the new classes, compared to the traditional library containers and implementation with built-in pointers, are made.
 abstract data structures; binary search trees; C++; smart pointers; teaching and learning

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 Ивайло Дончев

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