Intercultural Education and Children’s Musical Experience

Марчева, Пенка (2012) Intercultural Education and Children’s Musical Experience Paper presented at the I. International Balkan Congress Proceedings, Istanbul,2012, Ed. by Fatih IYIYOL - Oguz URAS, United Publishers,p.p. 795-801 ISBN: 978-605-63388-0-9.

 Abstract: A starting position in this process is the children’s communication as with the native folklore heritage, as with the musical traditions of other ethnical groups and nations. A principal pedagogical activity is the perceivement of some musical folklore patterns with different national origin . A principal pedagogical aim is through the aforesaid activity to answer needs of widening the musical experience of the modern children , contributing as confirmation of their cultural identity, as the development of their susceptibility for the musical traditions of other ethnic groups and notions. Principal notions in the present publication are musical experience (musical thesaurus), intercultural education, musical perceivement and rationalization of musical patterns , musical language. The designation of the present lecture is to hold out some opportunities for adding the children’s musical experience through execution the Ideas of intercultural education.
 music art , intercultural education, socialisation, children’s musical experience

Хуманитарни науки


 Пенка Марчева

1. Doncheva, J. A Comparative Analysis on the Topic of Ethnicities Developed by Various Tems of Authors of Curriculum Systems of Pre-School Education in Republic of Bulgaria, 16th conference of Balkan Society for Pedagogy and education „The Image of the „Other”/ the Neighbour in the Educational Systems of the Balkan Countries (1998-2013)”, Thessaloniki, 2013, University of Macedinia Press, Thessaloniki, ISBN:978-960-8396-94-4, p.492.

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