Обсадите в илюстровани готически манускрипти от XIII-XV в.

Иванов, Ивелин (2009) Обсадите в илюстровани готически манускрипти от XIII-XV в. Сб. от научна конференция "България, българите и Европа - мит, история, съвремие". В памет на д-р Иван Велков и проф. Велизар Велков : научна конференция 31 октомври 2008 г. Ред. Д. Димитров, В. Лечев, Кр. Мутафова. Велико Търново: УИ "Св. св. Кирил и Методий", 2009, т. III, с. 205-221. ISBN 978-954-524-713-2. COBISS.BG-ID - 1267151076

 The article is focused on the problem of depicting war and warfare in late medieval Gothic manuscripts from the British libraries. Some of the most frequently encountered images are those which have to do with sieges. But did the miniaturists depict the sieges in an objective and veracious way in the manuscripts? The analysis of the researched images leads to several interesting conclusions. The first one is related to the frequent depiction of mining and undermining of fortress walls, combined with siege machine shooting and storming the walls with the help of ladders. One of the weapons most frequently used by both sides is the bow, while the sources from the second half of the 14th and 15th cc. show images of cannons as well. In some of these images we come across either naval sieges, or naval-andground sieges, with realistic images of bowmen, crossbowmen, and firearm shooters, as well as some additional equipment made of thick wooden trunks used by both the defenders and the ones doing the siege. Another frequently seen image is the attack of the fortress and the unexpected coming out of the defenders, leading to a fierce battle in front of the fortress walls, or the retreat of the attacking army. In addition, I would also stress on some scenes of marauding a captured town, something familiar to the mediaeval illustrator, too. All those examples come to show a detailed knowledge of the siege, because many illustrators have witnessed sieges from both perspectives. That is why we could draw the general conclusion that the sieges have been quite familiar to the mediaeval illustrator.
 Средни векове, обсади, обсадно изкуство, средновековни илюстровани ръкописи, анализ текст-изображение

 Ивелин Иванов

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