A Critical Review of the Bulgarian Ethnical Model.

Добрев, Добрин (2013) A Critical Review of the Bulgarian Ethnical Model. - In: „Maximizing comparative advantages of cross-border regions (The European integration of Romania and Bulgaria: problems and issues)”, collective book, ed. prof. Vihren Bouzov, Gabrovo: EX-PRESS, 2013, p.122-132. ISBN 978-954-490-370-1; COBISS.BG-ID 1255436516

 The term "Bulgarian ethnic model" has often been used in recent years. It describes the existence of tolerance towards ethnic minorities in the country and the successful maintaining of religious and ethnical peace. This paper aims to analyze the parameters of this model. It is true that the Bulgarian ethnic model exist, but it is also true that it has many flaws and it is necessary much more to be done for the successful integration of ethnic minorities in the country.
 The Bulgarian ethnic model, ethnic minorities

Социални, стопански и правни науки

Social sciences, economic sciences and law

 Добрин Добрев

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