Visualization of three-dimensional models by stereoscopic application

Радоева, Росица (2015) Visualization of three-dimensional models by stereoscopic application 10th Annual South East European Doctoral Student Conference (DSC2015), Thessaloniki, Greece

 Nowadays stereoscopic technologies are topic of present and are an interest for research and development. Their main goal is to provide the observers of computer simulated environments with depth perception which can be useful in many fields, for example, scientific visualization, entertainment, games, virtual reality applications, validation of architectural objects, etc. There are different stereoscopic systems by which the user may enter, observe and interact with the computer-simulated three-dimensional world. For this reason applications of stereo visualization can be introduced in different areas. This paper presents an approach for development of a software module that provides importation and presentation of 3D models in the interactive system for stereoscopic visualization and demonstrates the work of the module.
 stereoscopic, visualization, 3D model

Природни науки, математика и информатика Информатика и компютърни науки

Natural sciences, mathematics and informatics Informatics and Computer Science

 Росица Радоева

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