Урокът на Лиса

Теофилова, Марина (2014) Урокът на Лиса Сб. Международна научна конференция „От сетивното към визуалното – изследователски аспекти“, ФИИ, 2014 В.Търново: УИ„Св.св. Кирил и Методий“, 2015. с. 23-32 ISBN 978-619-208-039-6; COBISS.BG-ID 1274367204

 What can keep the impulse for creativity and the interest in all forms of expression alive in children, which determine their development as aesthetically mature and spiritual persons? What can be done to preserve the need for communication with and through art in all stages of the development of man? The answer, of course, should not be sought only within school, within the classroom of fine arts, not even in the institutions of art, or within the family environment, but above all in the harmony and coordination of their actions and attitude to the problem of education through and in art. „The lesson of Lisa” is not a scientific novelty, not a pedagogical experiment and even less established practice in the teaching of art in schools. This is a lesson that just happened and with that opened the door to the classroom for countless questions...

Хуманитарни науки Изобразително изкуство

Humanities Fine Arts and Visual Arts

 Марина Теофилова

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