Modern Resources for Movement Following of Orienteering Competitors.

Беломъжева-Димитрова, Стефания (2016) Modern Resources for Movement Following of Orienteering Competitors. Сборник трудове от Международна научна конференция „Педагогическото образование – традиции и съвременност”, 25-26 ноември, 2016, Велико Търново. Редактор/Рени Христова-Коцева. Велико Търново: Ай анд Би, 2016, с. ISSN 2534-9317.

 Orienteering is a sport demanding not only serious physical shape but also strong intellectual potential, concentration and self control. The competitors have to make quick decisions about the best possible routes along the course while running in an unknown terrain with high speed. Often the competitions are hidden for the public and that is the fundamental problem for making the sport popular and rising the sponsors’ interest for orienteering. With the technologies advancing the orienteering gets better and better to follow on internet and in front of the TV. Purpose of the study is to examine the possibilities of using new technologies for correctly reporting the results of orienteering competitors, tracking the movement in the competitive route, increasing spectator interest, improving the safety of participants and others.
 Orienteering, electronic timing systems, GPS following, TV production.

 Стефания Беломъжева-Димитрова

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