Reality and self-detachment after long time spent on social Networking in relation to meaning in life

Манолов, Манол (2016) Reality and self-detachment after long time spent on social Networking in relation to meaning in life INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL KNOWLEDGE, Scientific papers, vol. 14.1., ISSN 1857-92, pp. 423-428, Institute of Knowledge Management, Skopje, Macedonia

 Social networking ensures boundless alternative modalities for identity construction, making online users become the more and the more active. Notwithstanding personal traits, people gradually get used to communicate, forgetting about the underlying motivation. People who lack presence of meaning compensate this with active search for meaning. Social networks provide environment of endless opportunities for pursue of personal meaning of life. We hypothesized that time spent on social networking is specifically related to presence of meaning, search for meaning and reality and self-detachment. 190 volunteers aged 12-40 completed Reality and self-detachment scale, Meaning in life questionnaire (MLQ) and Social networking scale. Results reveal that the less is the presence of meaning in life, the higher is the consciously approached new coping strategy of submergence in social networks as a way of losing touch with reality and the self-reported falling under the influence of the contents posted in social media. The trend outlined is the more frequent social networking to predict higher involvement in search for meaning. Long time daily social networking preconditions reality and self-detachment. In general results replicate the fact that nevertheless several decades ago the web used to be considered having negative effect on well-being, today it and social networks have transformed into a specific behavior norm. The general assumption is about a new form of adaptation, coping behavior revealing the specific accommodation of people, living in reality full of stress and high demands to personal identity and competitiveness and deserves future support.
 Social networks, long time spent on social networking, reality detachment, self-detachment, meaning in life

 Манол Манолов

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