Nonlinearity in literature and its applied aspect in social psychological researches related with social norms

Манолов, Манол (0) Nonlinearity in literature and its applied aspect in social psychological researches related with social norms The VIIth Conference of the European Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction, Topola, Bulgaria, 2016, 4-8 July

 The literary term 'stream of consciousness' as elaborated by Freud, Jung, James too, is narrative technic, a method of narrative representation, and became permanent psychologically object. The actuality has been established on the very ambivalent process of the recipient who deliberately made the choice of the be distant and isolated from the public stream, but the same time. in the contact with this kind of narrative, he is in searching for the help from the linear (NON-LINEAR) communications form. This forming, by the other side, represents the content of the esthetic's impact in the world of the art. In these situations - in the separation and distance, the goal is to discover new identity, and the recipient meets the social norms most likely as cultural experiences and active attitudes for assessment & self-assessment. As follows, the self-reflection becomes the starting point for this complicated system, where the individuality is trying to leave the society but just right in this manner the person is given to himself - to accept another personality in the field of the narrative, to compare all the socials states with another one. Every impression and every favoritism are socially determined in the art - by the human nature (ergo-in society) of the authors and there public (as recipients). So, pre-defining proceeds with requires out and does not need of the obligations of the 'ratio' in the society. I present here how the social norms reflex the perception, related with its process. The final purpose is destructive behaviors due misperceptions to be reduced. In this report events are observed as communication situations depended on participant’s personalities. The essence in social norms researches is in acquaintance of personal features and attitudes which make human part of an event or provoke it. With “stream of consciousness” the time barrier is overcome and occurs illusion about complete freedom for relations with the others. Social prop acquires capacity to be admitted, assimilated and to be active converter for social norm perception – evaluation, rethinking, new idea center, worldview converter, to reappointing personal for new beginning orientation. Out of there it can brings out the relation of that type presenting to researches about social norm – to make personality part of progressive groups of society by his own insights in the art’s world.
 stream of consciousness, social norms, otherness, the other

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 Манол Манолов

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