O názvosloví v herbári Viktora Greschika

Звалена, Елеонора (2016) O názvosloví v herbári Viktora Greschika Universitatea din Bukuresti, Bukuresti

 In the second half of 19th century and first half of 20th century, a botanist from Levoča, Viktor Greschik (1862-1946), compiled a herbarium, which contained about 25 000 samples of flora, which grows in Levoča Mountains and High Tatras. Greschik used Latin nomenclature and in some files of the herbarium Hungarian and Latin synonyms to describe the plants. In one file of the herbarium Gramineae, Cyperaceae (the file is a part of the biological inventory of Janko Francisci-Rimavský grammar school in Levoča) he names the herbs a Slovak name too. Slovak botanical names used in Greschik’s herbarium achieve qualities of standard scientific nomenclature.
 herbarium, botanical nomenclature, Slovak botanical terminology, terminological synonyms, attributes of a term

 Елеонора Звалена

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