Social Services for Elderly People with Disabilities: Choices and Rights

Йоргова, Милена (2016) Social Services for Elderly People with Disabilities: Choices and Rights Forum on studies of society: conference proceedings: Craiova, 2016 Еd.: Cr. I. Goga, A. M. Niţă, Al. Porumbescu, E.Sorescu, I.V.Șerban, Bucureşti: Pro Universitaria, 2016, рр. 95-105. ISBN 978-606-26-0710-4

 The paper presents a survey which is part of a thorough research study of the accessibility and quality of social services for people with disabilities. The research interest has been provoked by the profile of disability in Bulgaria and the national policies in the field of social services and people with disabilities. The survey was conducted in the town of Veliko Tarnovo in June - July 2015. It covers two groups of people with disabilities over the age of 60. The first group includes adults with disabilities who are not users of social services and the second group - adults with disabilities who are users of such services. The focus is on identifying the attitudes and preferences of the elderly people with disabilities to social services, with a view to leading a good and fulfilling life. The results show that respondents - people with disabilities, prefer the social services in the community. Their expectations are associated with receiving care according to their individual needs, material security, freedom of choice and the opportunity to participate in taking decisions regarding their care. The results suggest problems with the target orientation of the social services as part of their accessibility.
 people with disabilities; age; social services; social work; social inclusion

Социални, стопански и правни науки Социални дейности

Social sciences, economic sciences and law Social Work

 Милена Йоргова

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