A Real Time 2D To 3D Image Conversion Techniques

Гълъбов, Мирослав (2015) A Real Time 2D To 3D Image Conversion Techniques Interational Journal of Engineering Science and Innovative Technology (IJESIT), Volume 4, No 1, 2015, pp.297-304, ISSN:2319-5967

  This article describes methods developed for 2D-3D conversion of images based on motion parallax, depth cues in still pictures and gray shade and luminance setting for multiview autostereoscopic displays. Detailed exposed a new 2D-to-3D image conversion technique with the modified time difference (MTD) and the computed image depth (CID) realizes to convert any type of visual resources into the 3D images. Proposed a method for conversion from 2D to 3D based on gray scale and luminance setting, which does not require a complex motion analysis.

Природни науки, математика и информатика Информатика и компютърни науки

Natural sciences, mathematics and informatics Informatics and Computer Science

 Мирослав Гълъбов

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