Седефчева, Валентина (2016) ЦРКВЕНОСЛОВЕНСКА ТРАДИЦИЈА 18. ВЕКА У РОМАНУ „СЕОБЕ“ И ЊЕН ПРЕВОД НА БУГАРСКИ ЈЕЗИК: ТРАНСЛАТОЛОШКА АНАЛИЗА ЛИНГВИСТИЧКИ ПРАВЦИ ПРВЕ ПОЛОВИНЕ 20. ВЕКА И ЊИХОВ УТИЦАЈ НА СРПСКУ ЛИНГВИСТИКУ, 45/1. 45. 45. Међународни научни састанак слависта у Вукове дане, 17-20.09.2015, Београд: Чигоја штампа, 2016, с. 435-444. CIP81-11"19"(082), 811.163.41(082). ISBN 978-86-6153-315-0. COBISS.SR-ID 225164812.

 Linguistic Church Slavonic Tradition In The 18th Century In The Novel "MIGRATIONS" And Its Translation To Bulgarian: Translatological Analysis In the first book of Migrations (Seobe) M. Crnjanski heavily uses archaic language. The writer uses the Slavonic lexemes and phrases, word order typical for canonical literature, quotes from Bible, confessional idioms, in order to show more accurate and expressive spirit of the Enlightenment era, and to underline the religious and pan-slavic affiliation of the Vuk Isakovič. The existence of a common language of the Serbs and Bulgarians in the past, on the one hand makes the work of a translator easy. He can, like his colleague from the National Revival period, adapt the text, instead of translating it, due to proximity and high level of understanding between the two languages. On the other hand, as we will see in the examples, this closeness creates obstacles in stylistic and poetic elements of translation. Linguo-translatological analysis that we made reveals part of the reception mechanisms in culturally and historically close literatures. In this reception model, especially regarding the language, it is evident that alleviated feeling of "otherness" makes easier process of reception and transferring of meaning, semantic and poetic values and author's original strategy. In conclusion, we can say that the translation of the both novels (a prominent translator of South Slavic languages, Siyka Racheva, translated Migrations), despite numerous difficulties due to the archaic style, Sumatraistic poetics, cultural idioms, coded meaning and some translation inaccuracies, very well convey the entire contents of the work and the spirit of the epoch shown in it.
 the first book of Migrations, archaic language, close literatures and languages, Slavic translation.

Хуманитарни науки Филология
Хуманитарни науки

Humanities Language, Linguistics, Literature and Theory of Literature

 Валентина Седефчева

1. Цитирано в: Иванова 2018: Иванова,Н. Петър Петрович Негош в българския няционален имагинарий от края на XIX до началото на XXI в. Лингвоимаголожки аспекти. София: Авангард Прима, с. 77. ISBN 978-619-239-045-7.

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