Some Observations on Teaching Business Translation to Bulgarian Undergraduate Students

Демиркова, Ралица (2010) Some Observations on Teaching Business Translation to Bulgarian Undergraduate Students Paper presented at BETA – IATEFL Bulgaria 19th Annual Conference, Veliko Tarnovo, 23-25 April 2010. Online

 The present-day needs of the translation market in Bulgaria make it necessary for the universities to introduce business translation courses in their curricula. The author of the present paper shares her experience of teaching business translation to undergraduate students at Veliko Turnovo University “St. St. Cyril and Methodius”, Bulgaria. She describes the course objectives, the teaching methods employed, the activities selected for her seminars and highlights some of the major problems students experience. The paper concludes that translator trainers should re-examine the old “read and tranlslate” directive[1] in order to keep abreast of the 21st century. [1] Gonzalez Davies, Maria, Multiple Voices in Translation Classroom. Activities, Tasks and Projects, 2004, p. 17

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 Ралица Демиркова

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