Forced Migration, Global Media and Peace Culture

Бузов, Вихрен (2015) Forced Migration, Global Media and Peace Culture Nauka I savremeni universitet, NISUN 4, University of Nis T.2 Drjavnost, demokratizacja I kultura na mira [Science and Modern University 4. V.2, Statehood, Democratization and Peace Culture], Tematic Collection Book, Filozofski fakultet, University of Nis, Serbia, pp.249-257.

 The present dominant tendency of economization and securitization of forced migration to our region and to the EU as a whole is the subject of a critical analysis in the paper. The global corporate media as representatives of the interests of the elites of the rich countries are presenting migrants as terrorists, malicious users of social welfare and dangerous people to the host society. The global corporate media are enemies of the peace culture. Forced migrants are innocent victims of conflicts in an unjust social and political order, with military aggressions, civil wars, tyrannical regimes and ethnic tension, generated by the rich countries and their elites. The adequate solution of problems of forced migration and the overcoming of violence causing it could be a shared responsibility of humankind as a whole. Political and economic elites cannot resolve such problems – they can only exacerbate them.
 forced migration, global media, peace culture

Хуманитарни науки Философия
Социални, стопански и правни науки Политически науки

Humanities Philosophy
Social sciences, economic sciences and law Political Sciences

 Вихрен Бузов

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