Интерактивните методи в подкрепа на деца с обучителни трудности

Ангелова, Светлана (2015) Интерактивните методи в подкрепа на деца с обучителни трудности Academic Journal "Psychological research", 2015, 18 (2), с. 187-194. ISSN 1311-4700 (Print); ISSN 2367-4563 (Online)

 We live in dynamic environment where the values are changing, also attitudes and expectations – environment of differences. Here the differences should be interpreted as explication of individuality, the personal transformations and own searches. That's why the search of decisions outside the scope of formal education and traditional methodology is а choice, whose implementation is in the field of professional competence of the teacher. Aspects of interactive methodology in the context of the transformation of experience (learning experience), applied to science education of children with learning difficulties are discussed in this article. The results from opinion surveys of students about the impact of such training on their cognitive and affective sphere are presented.
 learning difficulties, interactive methods, experiential learning

 Светлана Ангелова

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